NSF, Arlington, Virginia

​July 17 - 19, 2016


NSF, Arlington, Virginia

July 17 - 19, 2016

                                  NSF Sponsored Geotechnical Workshop Preliminary Agenda (as of 07/12/2016)

 ​                                                     Sunday, July 17, 2016, Scott Fitzgerald A, Westin Arlington Gateway                                                    

17:30    Icebreaker, welcome reception
18:00    Opening remarks: vision & scopes by Ning Lu, Richard Fragaszy, and Deborah Goodings 
18:30    Session I: World Context: Current State of Fundamental Research and Engineering Implications (Chair: Ning Lu)  

​​18:30    James Mitchell: The Role of Fundamentals and the Future of Geotechnical Engineering

18:50    Patricia Culligan and Andrew Whittle: Some Personal Perspectives on Geotechnical Research Needs to Address Global Challenges
19:20    Charles Ng: Energy Pile and its Scientific Challenges
19:40    Carlos Santamarina: Physics Inspired... Data Bound

20:00    Kenichi Soga: Measurements in Geotechnical Engineering

​20:20    Nasser Khalili: Fundamentals of Hydro-Mechanical Coupling in Unsaturated Soil Including Hysteresis Effects

20:40    Coffee + open discussions and informal social gathering

                                                           Monday, July 18, 2016, Rooms 555, 595, & 515, NSF Stafford II                                                         
08:00    Refreshment
08:30    Session II: Bio-mediated Geo-processes (Chair: Edward Kavazanjian) 

08:30    Edward Kavazanjian: Biogeotechnics: Progress, Opportunities, & Challenges
08:45    Matt Evans: Bio-Cementation for Soil Improvement: Grain-Scale Processes and Predictive Models
09:00    Rick Colwell: Assessing Microbiological Stimulation
09:15    Christopher A. Bareither: Bio-Geotechnics of Municipal Solid Waste                                   
09:30    Refreshment break and informal discussions

​​09:45    Session III: Geo-chemistry (Chair: Krishna Reddy) 

09:45    Krishna Reddy: Fundamental Research on Geochemical Processes for the Development of Resilient and Sustainable Geosystems
10:00    Susan Burns: Role of Iron Oxides and Organic Matter in the Engineering Behavior of Soils

10:15    Angel Palomino: The Role of Geochemistry in the Evolution of Particulate Materials
10:30    Gretchen Bohnhoff: Modified Bentonites for Enhanced Performance of Clay Barrier Systems
10:45    Marika Santagata: Engineering the Rheology of Clay Dispersions
11:00    Refreshment break and informal discussions
11:15    Session IV: Unsaturated Soil (Chair: William Likos) 

11:15    William Likos: Transitions in Unsaturated Soil Mechanics
11:30    Ming Xiao: Particle Transport in Porous Media in Geotechnical Engineering and Beyond
11:45    Ning Lu: Soil Water Interaction and Unified Effective Stress for Variably Saturated Soil
12:00    Xiaoyu Song: A Physical-Based Multi-Scale Computational Framework for Modeling Unsaturated Soils​

12:15    Amy Cerato: Characterization of micro-properties of clays and cement-stabilized clays                                   
12:30    Lunch break (not provided by workshop and free gathering)
14:00    Session V: Thermal Energy and Foundations (Chair: John McCartney)

14:00    John McCartney: Fundamental Challenges at the Interface between Geothermal Energy and Geotechnical Engineering
14:15    Thomas Hueckel: Challenges in the Fundamentals of Soil/Rock Behavior in Heat Exposure Conditions: Energy Applications
14:30    Navid Jafari: Thermal Energy in Environmental Geotechnics
14:45    Marcelo Sanchez: Thermo-coupled processes in geo-engineering problems
15:00    Farshid Vahedifard: Non-Isothermal Shear Strength of Soil:  A Critical Parameter for Geotechnical Engineering in the Face of                                          New World Challenges                
15:15    Breakout Session: free to join discussions along the four themes steered by the session chairs
17:15    Open Quorum: Research Challenges in the First Day Sessions,
             Summarized and steered by the 4 chairs of the first day
18:30    Dinner (not provided by the workshop) and informal social gathering

                                                             Tuesday, July 19, 2016, Rooms 555, 595, & 515, NSF Stafford II                                                      
08:00    Refreshment
08:30    Session VI: Rock Mechanics (Chair: Antonio Bobet) 

08:30    Antonio Bobet: Transparent Rock: Need and Challenges
08:45    Derek Elsworth: Some Key Issues in Sustainable Recovery of Subsurface Energy Resources
09:00    Priscilla Nelson: Underground Construction, Geology and Geotechnical Risk
09:15    Ingrid Tomac: A Review on Challenges in Assessments of Rock Performance for Deep Geothermal Reservoirs                         
09:30    Refreshment break and informal discussions
09:45    Session VII: Multi-physics & Mechanics (Chair: Giuseppe Buscarnera) 

09:45    Giuseppe Buscarnera: Constitutive Modeling of Solid-fluid Interactions in the Context of Geohazard Assessment
10:00    Jose Andrade: Multiscale Procedures in Geomechanics: Applications to Plasticity, Liquefaction and Fracking
10:15    Shideh Dashti: Research Challenges in Multi-Physics and Mechanics: Liquefaction Mitigation in Dense Urban Environments
10:30    Juan Pestana: TBD

10:45    Sheng Dai: Geotechnical Characterization of Hydrate-Bearing Sediments

11:00    Refreshment break and informal discussions
11:15    Session VIII: Coupled Phenomena (Chuck Shackelford) 

11:15    Chuck Shackelford: Research Challenges Related to Coupled Flows
11:30    Xiong (Bill) Yu: Fortifying the Geotechnical Foundation: Understanding the Multiphysics and Continuous-Discontinuous Processes
11:45    Craig Benson: Coupled Flows in Containment Systems – Practical Problems in Need of Solutions
12:00    Alexandra Wayllace: Hydro-mechanical Coupling for the Analysis of Slope Stability under Variably Saturated Conditions            
12:15    Lunch break (not provided by the workshop and free gathering)
14:00    Breakout Session:free to join discussions along the three themes steered by the session chairs
15:15    Open Quorum: Research Challenges in the Second Day Sessions,
             Summarized and steered by the 3 chairs of the second day
16:15   Closing Remarks by Hosts
   Adjourn-free to depart
17:00   Dinner and informal social gathering