NSF, Arlington, Virginia

July 17 - 19, 2016


NSF, Arlington, Virginia

​July 17 - 19, 2016


The Westin Arlington Gateway is located at 801 North Glebe Road, Arlington, Virginia, 22203. The hotel is located just two blocks from the Ballston Metrorail Stop, a few blocks from Route 66 and Route 50, approximately three miles from downtown Washington, D.C. and is easily accessible from many points of arrival and departure from within the metropolitan D.C. area.

Directions from different arrival points are provided below:

1. On Metro
The Westin is located two blocks south of the Ballston-Marymount University stop on Metro's Orange Line. Visit Metro's website at http://www.wmata.com to obtain current fares and other information.

                                                                  Travel Arrangements and Instructions

Please read this form carefully and fill in the information required for your travel arrangements on flight/train and hotel reservations. Please return the completed form to Dr. Alexandra Wayllace via
awayllac@mines.edu by October 16, 2015 the latest. If you have any questions regarding the travel arrangements, please contact Dr. Alexandra Wayllace: (303) 273 3961 or  awayllac@mines.edu

In order to minimize your work and associated costs, we would like to help booking your hotel and flight/train tickets. However, if you want to make your own arrangements please let us know. Note that for the US participants, if you make your own arrangements you would need to file a W-9 form (provided by us) and save all the original receipts for reimbursement after the workshop. Also, your total reimbursed amount is limited as specified below.

Hotel reservation (for both US and oversea participants)
We have blocked The Westin Arlington Gateway Virginia available for the nights of July 17 – July 19. It is located 3 blocks from the NSF building (4-minute walking).  The icebreaker of the workshop will start at 5:30 pm on January 24, Sunday and there will be one session and informal social gathering starting 6:00 pm that evening. The workshop will officially end ~5:00 pm on July 19, Tuesday.  See the tentative agenda of the workshop. Please fill in your preferences below.

       1. Hotel reservation options*:

            a. ☐ I (your name:___________________________) would like the organizing committee to make my hotel reservation.
            b. ☐ I (your name:___________________________) will make my own hotel reservation**.
We would be glad to make hotel reservations for oversea participants too but you have to pay your stay when you check in at the hotel front desk.
We can only reimburse hotel expenses up to $179/night for the nights of July 17- July 19.
       2. Reservation dates:
           a. Check in date: _________________
           b. Check out date:________________

Transportation arrangements (for US participants only)
       1. Airplane/train tickets between your place and DC booking options:
          a. ☐ I would like the organizing committee to purchase my ticket***
              i.Your first name: _________________, M.I. ____, Last name: ________________
              ii.Your date of birth: Month________, Date____________, Year_______________
              iii.Departure date: _______________ Departure airport/train station:_______________
              iv.Preferred time for flight/train departure (hour of the date):______________________
              v.Return date:________________ 
              vi.Preferred time for flight/train departure (hour of the date):______________________
              vii.Preferred airline (frequent flyer number if you like):___________________________
              viii.Preferred flight numbers (if any): _________________________________________
              ix.Any special note:

            *** We will try to accommodate your preferences to the best we can while staying within a reasonable budget. We will consult with you if any major                                 changes need to be made to your indicated preferences.
          b. ☐ I will purchase my own airplane/train tickets****
                  **** We may only reimburse an airfare/train ticket up to $500. The ticket must be economy class. For flights longer than 3 hours non-stop the fare can be                       upgraded to economy plus.
       2. Local transportation options: This expense will not be covered. See the workshop website for route details between the DC                             airports/train stations and the hotel/NSF building. 

                                                                  Directions to the Westin Arlington Gateway

2. From Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport
This is the closest airport to the hotel (~7 miles). Transportation can be provided by Super Shuttle, at a price of about $14.00 per person.
3. From Dulles International Airport
Dulles International Airport is about 21 miles from the hotel. Transportation to and from the airport can be provided by Super Shuttle, at a price of about $29.00 per person.

4. From Baltimore-Washington International Airport 
Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI) is located just outside of Baltimore, and is approximately 50 minutes from Arlington by car.
Arlington Blue Top Taxi 
(703) 578-1111
estimated cost: $120.00
estimated travel time: approximately 1 hour

MARC train from BWI to Union Station 
estimated cost: $6.00 one way; $8.75 round trip
estimated travel time: approximately 40 minutes

BWI Super Shuttle bus to Union Station 1-800-809-7080
estimated cost: $24.00; 
additional person: $1.00 
estimated travel time:approximately 1.5 hour

5. From Union Station (Amtrak)
Union Station is served by Metro (the Red Line). Take the Red Line to Metro Center, transfer to the Orange Line, and get off at Ballston-Marymount University.